New XVAN Models - The Comfort You Need​

The new xVan range of motorhomes can offer you all the conditions you need for truly successful trips. Your passion for travel will blend perfectly with the ingenious functionalities offered by the motorhomes.

If you still have doubts, know that you can choose the right vehicle from 3 models specially designed for your needs. Thus, you have all the necessary flexibility to enjoy even more your future purchase. In addition, each option provides you with efficient, state-of-the-art systems – ideal for hours spent in nature. The modern and compact design of the interior is the solution for trips characterized by comfort, good spirits, and safety.

Your adventure begins with new motorhomes – Take advantage of the offer and enjoy every moment of vacation as you should. Carefully designed with top specifications, an xVan is the solution you were looking for.

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    What can the range of

    New XVAN Motorhomes offer you?

    New motorhomes will bring you a multitude of systems and equipment that you truly need on your journeys. Among them are:

    • An optimal power engine – When traveling, it is important for your vehicle to be powerful enough to overcome any obstacle. With a capacity of 2300 CC and 120 HP, the engines equipped on the motorhomes for sale ensure relaxing trips without unpleasant incidents.
    • 4 seats for you and your loved ones – Nothing compares to a vacation with friends or family. Therefore, you have 4 seats available so that all your loved ones can accompany you on your adventure. In addition, the front seats rotate 180 degrees so you can dine with your family wherever you are.
    • Beds of type 2+2 or 2+1 – Because sleep and relaxation are essential components of your trips, you now have comfortable beds with optimal dimensions. Depending on the type of new motorhomes chosen, you can enjoy beds of type 2+2 or 2+1. Thus, you can choose the version that suits your own needs.
    • Suitable dimensions – The dimensions of an xVan have been designed to equip the motorhome for sale with all the systems you need. Therefore, you will not encounter problems with parking the vehicle or accessing various roads. You can limit yourself to the 599 cm model or opt for the 636 cm length for even more free space.
    • Blinds – Your privacy can also be ensured during your travels with the right motorhome. That is why the vans come equipped with blinds for the front and side windows. This way, you can always shield yourself from curious eyes or block the sun’s rays to rest at any time of the day.

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