About us

Nature, travel, and freedom on 4 wheels

These are 3 values on which we built more than just a simple place where you can buy a motorhome. We’ve created a place that helps you create memorable memories with every trip you make. We created XGO Motorhomes.

The largest authorized motorhome dealer in Transylvania, TOP 3 in Romania

Showroom, warranty and post-warranty service, accessories store

XGO Motorhomes


Motorhomes: Nobel Art, Roller Team, XGO Dynamic and XVAN

          Our passion for caravanning means

          Professionalism. Integrity. Promptness.


          For over 5 years on the Romanian market


          Over 30 models of motorhomes marketed


          Experienced technical team with over 10 years of experience


          Over 250 motorhomes sold in Romania in recent years

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