Instructions for using the motorhome/van

If you want to find out how to use all the equipment of a van or a motorhome, then the above video is for you. Our colleague shows you in 15 minutes everything you need to know about a motorhome/van before you start your journey.

How to Assemble the Awning

Have you thought about buying an awning? See how it’s assembled in the video above. Our colleague shows you how to assemble it, how to tighten it, and gives you some tips to help prevent damage caused by wind and bad weather.

Presentation of the Exterior Facilities of a Campervan

Traian presents all the exterior facilities of a motorhome. From the video above, you will learn where to find and how to use: the fuel tank, the exhaust system, the external socket, the outdoor shower, the WC cassette, and the cap for filling the tank.

Bike Rack for Motorhome

Want to know how to fix a bike to the rack at the back of the motorhome? You attach the bike’s wheels in the two clamp supports, and on the top, you secure them with the two arms to make sure they will stay fixed during the journey. You will understand even better how it’s done from the video above.

X-Van 5 Bedroom Presentation

Have you ever wondered what the back of an X-Van’s bedroom looks like? The bedroom in the video is designed for 4 sleeping places, in 2 bunk beds. Additionally, at the end of the video, you will discover what you can use the storage spaces under the bedroom for.

Motorhome Cover

Do you want to protect your motorhome from bad weather? A quality cover that completely covers it will solve your problem. See in the video above how to apply it. Spoiler alert: the cover is equipped with zippers on both sides, so you can access both sides of the motorhome.

Photovoltaic Systems for Caravans and Motorhomes

f you want to install a photovoltaic panel for your motorhome, make sure to watch the video above. Cosmin will explain what a photovoltaic panel consists of, its nominal voltages, where you can install it, and, of course, the benefits it brings.

What is a Photovoltaic Panel?

rom the video above, you’ll learn what type of panel we usually install on caravans and motorhomes. Moreover, Cosmin explains in detail how a photovoltaic panel actually works and what you need to know before installing one on your motorhome.

Technical Parameters of Interest in a Photovoltaic Panel

The maximum power, open-circuit current, nominal current, and short-circuit current are just a few of the technical parameters of a photovoltaic panel. In the video above, our colleague explains what to look out for when reading the parameters of a photovoltaic panel.

Charge Controllers for Photovoltaic Systems

What do charge controllers do? They take the current generated by the panel and transmit it to the battery. In other words, the charge controller plays an essential role because it regulates the amount of current to avoid overloading the battery. Learn the details, in depth, from the video above.

PWM Charge Controller for Photovoltaic Systems

Wondering how a PWM charge controller is different from an MPPT one? Cosmin explains the differences in the video above. Hint: The PWM time controller is the simplest model of charge controller for photovoltaic systems.

MPPT Charge Controller for Photovoltaic Systems

Want to know the details of the MPPT type charge controller? These types of controllers are 15-20% more efficient than PWM controllers. Cosmin will explain in the clip above what their efficiency actually translates to.

Batteries Used in Caravans and Motorhomes

Among the batteries used in caravans and motorhomes, we mention classic liquid electrolyte batteries, AGM batteries, and other types described in the video. Find out from our colleague, which are the most common batteries, how they are used, and what they are made of.

LPG Tanks for Motorhomes and Caravans

Want to equip your motorhome with an LPG tank? Learn from Cosmin what are the characteristics of this tank, what information you absolutely need to know, and how to prevent potential dangers.

LPG Station Charging Adapters

Have you traveled in Europe and couldn’t find anyone to fill your bottle at LPG stations? Fortunately, there are adapter systems for tanks. Find out from the video above how to use them and how to identify them for each country.

Gas System Regulator for Caravans and Motorhomes

Ever wondered how gas regulators work? Cosmin will detail the components of a gas regulator system for caravans and motorhomes. Don’t forget: the gas filter is a very important element, especially if you fuel up at stations in Romania.

Sensors that Can Be Installed in a Motorhome

Want to install a sensor to detect gas leaks? Our colleague explains which sensors you can install on a motorhome, why they are useful, and what you can choose according to your needs.

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